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Using the expertise of engineers, programmers, technicians and electricians, Automation & Electronics has developed sophisticated water treatment plant designs and dedicated, reliable service to meet your unique water and waste water needs. We understand how pivotal your water and waste water systems are to the overall function of entire towns and cities, so you can always count on our service. Our technical expertise translates to both large projects and smaller system upgrades. Our technicians train operators to reduce emergencies, promoting safe, smooth and efficient operation. After decades of experience, remote system monitoring and control in unfavorable conditions has become a specialty of ours. Limited power, extreme climate or isolated control systems will no longer serve as a barrier to your success with built-in warning systems that have the ability to alert multiple people. Our commitment to service means that when you need us, we’re available, and our outstanding track record proves it.

Services include:

  • Filters
  • Full redesign
  • HMIs
  • O&M training manuals