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Automation & Electronics has a strong history of providing practical and rugged solutions for a wide array of oil and gas processes. With almost sixty years of experience in multiple oil and gas plays A&E has seen almost every situation. Our teams of engineers and programmers have developed power and control systems for separations, storage, custody transfer and other oilfield practices.  We have also designed an integrated electrical building that can be used as a single point of power supply and control for entire locations with multiple process skids. These buildings can be built to accommodate growth as production and separation requirements evolve. With our dedicated staff we can design, procure and build any power and control scheme for your oilfield needs.

We service control packages for:

  • Lease automatic custody transfer (LACT)
  • Produced water transfer systems
  • Fresh water disposal (Injection skids)
  • VRUs and VCUs
  • Site electrical buildings
  • Separator packages (Quad packs)

A LACT unit completed and ready for installationLease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT)

A Water Transfer SkidWater Transfer Skid

A Fresh Water SkidFresh Water Skid

A sample electrical installationElectrical Install