Electrical Engineering and Design

Electrical-EngineeringOur years of experience in industrial services enable us to provide the best solutions for you. We have been providing programmable field equipment since 1967. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest technology and services. We have the capabilities to design and develop custom solutions for every customer. This includes simple point-to-point systems, complex pump-off controllers and complete power and control system design and layouts. While we have the capabilities of designing a system component or building the entire system, we are much more than an electrical engineering consulting firm. We will never provide you with our design and then leave you to figure out the rest. We are with you every step of the way.

A complete engineering package from A&E can include:

  • Power distribution and motor control
  • Process and/or industrial control systems including design, construction and programming

As a Wyoming company, we understand harsh climates and conditions, so you can rest assured that our solutions stand up in any environment. Additionally, we are proud to have been approved as an Original Equipment Manufacturer of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems, the industry’s highest measure of quality.

Controls Design and Construction

Controls-DesignWith one of the largest stock of components in the Rocky Mountain region, we have the skills, technology and facilities to fabricate many custom control panels, including control panels for:

  • Water injection plants
  • Pipe line stations
  • Municipal water systems
  • Data and alarm status telemetry
  • Gas plants

Additionally, we handle any metal work, finish painting, component installation, panel lettering, final wiring and testing necessary to ensure that your panel construction fulfills your needs. We pride ourselves on our custom work and our fast delivery in our structural and hydraulic fabrication section.

Our PLC system integration team uses commercial off the shelf hardware and custom software to provide solutions to your needs. Our panel shop is U.L. 508A certified. Our value added manufacturing area provides custom solutions for a variety of needs. We design products for most control and telemetry markets. Applications include oil field automation and control, water and waste water monitoring and control, and mining.

If specialized circuitry is required, our in house SCADA design and manufacturing team can provide the right product for any situation. Our Industrial Systems Division features industrial temperature spec board design and layout for special circuits. We can develop cost effective custom circuit solutions for production runs of as few as fifty piece quantities.

To see if one of our products can meet your needs, look around in our products pages or consult the factory for special needs. For detailed information on specific industry services, please visit our department pages.

Electrical Construction and Service

Electrical-ServicesOur I.B.E.W. electricians specialize in meeting your commercial, industrial and field electrical contracting and communication needs. Our work includes new plant construction, renewal and maintenance. As a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association, our power and control systems are safely designed, installed and repaired according to the National Electric Code and applicable local regulations. Our qualified I.B.E.W electricians specialize in a number of projects, ranging from municipal water construction to fiber optic installation at power plants. A safe, professional work environment for all employees is the foundation of our work; it’s the cornerstone of our success.

With expertise in efficiently mainstreaming production throughout the energy industry, we know how to maximize your product’s cost-effectiveness. Product solutions may include commercial off the shelf systems developed from world-class major manufacturers, wireless and fiber optic networks providing links between human machine interfaces and various plant processes or our own OEM products. We currently employ many programmers and engineers dedicated to control system design, providing you with attentive and effective system integration. We do not represent any one product line, which allows us the freedom to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your needs